M OS is the Russian answer to Windows

“M OS” was built on the basis of Linux and is intended to be used mainly in the educational sector.

Russia currently has more and more difficult access to Western products. As long as private users there are able to avoid some of the sanctions (and piracy was officially legalized), institutions still rely on Western software. After all, Office, Windows and similar products are no longer officially distributed in Russia.


The system is to be used mainly in the education sector - it is slowly making its way to desktop computers and laptops used in Russian schools. For now, it is available mainly in Moscow educational institutions.

The Russian OS has been equipped with e.g. in the Mozilla Firefox browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and LibreOffice office suite. The system also allows you to record your desktop, taking screenshots or working with files.

M OS was created by the Department of Information Technology, more specifically by group 25 developers. Work on the system lasted approx. half a year, and the whole was built on the Linux architecture.

M OS comes with a number of applications from the start, like Firefox and Chromium for browsing the web, LibreOffice for editing documents or Evolution for viewing e-mail. The target of M Os are computers in schools – both for students, as well as for teachers.

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